Auto (Body) Repair Invoice Template

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Download an auto body repair invoice template to properly bill a client/customer for work that has been performed on their automobile, motorcycle, or Recreational Vehicle (RV). The invoice should be calculated by adding the parts used for the vehicle in addition to the service (hours). After the invoice has been filled-in it should be presented to the customer/client at the time of pickup and should be paid before taking possession of the fixed vehicle.

How to Write in Adobe PDF

Step 1 – Download in Adobe PDF.


Step 2 – In the header area enter the Company Name, Address, City, and Zip Code. On the right portion of the header fill-in with the Date-in, Time-in, and Invoice Number (#).

Step 3 – Enter the customer’s information including: Name, Address, and Telephone (Cell and Home). On the right-hand side enter the Insurance Company’s Name and Claim Number (#).

Step 4 – Vehicle Information – RO#, Year, Make, Model, and Color.

Step 5 – Details of Work – Part Number, Description, Quantity, Unit Price ($), and the Line Total.

Step 6 – Final Calculations – SubTotal, Sales Tax, Sublet Amount, Total, Paid, and Total Amount Due.

How to Write in Microsoft Word

Step 1 – Download in Microsoft Word.


Step 2 – Header – Company Logo, Invoice Number and the Date.

Step 3 – Customer Information – Name, Address, City/State, and their Zip Code

Step 4 – Car Information – Make, Model, Year, and Mileage.

Step 5 – Parts – Part Number (#), Part Name, Quantity, Unit Price, and the Total Amount.

Step 6 – Service – Job Performed and the Total. Make sure to include the hours worked times (x) the labor rate per hour.

Step 7 – Calculation – Enter the total amounts for: Parts, Labor, Tax (Parts & Labor), and the Grand Total.

Step 8 – Customer and Cashier must Sign.

How to Write in Microsoft Excel

Step 1 – Download in Microsoft Excel.


Step 2 – Header – Enter the Name of the Business, Street Address, Telephone and Fax Number. On the line below enter the Invoice Number and Date.

Step 3 – Customer Information – Enter the client’s Name, Street Address, City, State, Zip Code and their Phone Number.

Step 4 – Vehicle Information – Enter the Automobile’s Year, Make, Model, Color, and Mileage.

Step 5 – Services Performed – Calculate the Labor Hours times (x) the Labor Rate ($/Hour).

Step 6 – Part Details – Enter the Part(s) Name, Number (#), Quantity, Unit Price, and the Amount.

Step 7 – Calculate – Add the SubTotal, Tax, Services, Parts, and any Additional Taxes to get the Grand Total payable by the customer.