Canada Customs Commercial Invoice Template | Form CI1


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Download the Canadian customs invoice template to send a package outside the country into Canada. The document should be attached to the package and list a description of the item in addition to its quantity, price, and weight. All taxes will be paid by the individual/business to whom the package is being sent.

How to Fill-in

Step 1 – Download the Form in Adobe PDF (.pdf).

Step 2 – Sections 1 thru 3 – Section 1. Enter the Vendor’s Name an d Address. Section 2. Date of Direct Shipment to Canada in yyyy/mm/dd format. Section 3. Include any other references such as the purchaser’s order information.

Step 3 – Sections 4 thru 7 – Section 4. Consignee’s Name and Address. Section 5. Purchaser’s Name and Address if other than the Consignee. Section 6. Country of Transhipment. Section 7. Country of Origin of Goods.

Step 4 – Sections 8 thru 10 – Section 8. Transportation: Give mode and place of direct shipment to Canada. Section 9. Conditions of Sale and Terms of Payment. Section 10. Currency of settlement.

Step 5 – Sections 11 thru 15 – Section 11. Section 11. Total Number (#) of Packages. Section 12. Specification of Commodities (Type of Package). Section 13. Quantity. Section 14. Unit Price ($/Unit). Section 15. Total.

Step 6 – Sections 16 thru 21 –  Section 16. Total Weight Gross and Net. Section 17. Invoice Total. Section 18. If any of fields 1 to 17 are included on an attached commercial invoice, check this box. Section 19. Exporter’s Name and Address. Section 20. Originator’s Name and Address. Section 21. Agency Ruling.

Step 7 – Sections 22 thru 25 – Section 22. If fields 23 to 25 are not applicable, check this box. Section 23. Calculate 23(i) + 23(ii) + 23(iii). Section 24. Calculate 24(i) + 24(ii) + 24(iii) Section 25. Check 25(i) and 25(ii) if applicable.

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