Invoice2Go Free Invoice Template

Invoice2go is an invoice template generator that allows users to track receivables and issue invoices to clients with the expectation of being paid at the terms you outline. To start with a free account you may be able to create invoices on a computer, via mobile app, or iPad/tablet.

How to Create Free

Step 1 – Go to the Homepage and register for an account by clicking on the Try Free button on the lower-left side of the page.



Step 2 – Enter your email and create a password.



Step 3 – It may take a few seconds to a few minutes for the software to load. After it does you will be brought to the main dashboard screen.

Click on the Invoice button.



Step 4 – Now we can begin creating our invoice. Begin with your Company Details including Company Name, Address (1,2, and 3), Contact Information (Telephone, Mobile, Fax, Email, and Website).


Step 5 –  Write the Invoice Details in the upper-right portion of the page including the invoice number, date, terms, and the payment due date.



Step 6 – Enter the customer/client information such as their Name, Email, and Address.



Step 7 – Next you can enter the items, receipts, and the time in order to calculate the full amount of the invoice being sent to the client/customer.



Step 8 – At the top of the page, when complete, you have the option Print, Email, and Preview the invoice.