Free Blank Invoice Templates in Microsoft Word (.docx)

Download an Invoice Template in Microsoft Word (.docx) for making simple receivables that can be sent to another company or individual. The form can be customized to include a Company or Brand name and include a line-by-line description of goods or services sold. When inputting, be sure to add the quantity of any items sold along with the price per unit. If the invoice is for services include the hours worked plus the rate per hour. At the bottom of the document you and tally the total receivable along with any additional Federal or State/Provincial taxes. This document should be sent to the payer electronically or standard mail.

Download either the Generic Form or Specific Types.

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Generic Form

How to Write

Step 1 – In the upper-left corner of the document input the Company Name, Address, and the Date of the invoice.

Step 2 – Write the Client’s Name with their Address and the Date the payment is due.

Step 3 – Include any notes and below, in a line-by-line format, enter the product/service description, quantity, price per unit or hours worked, and the total. Calculate the subtotal amount along with any taxes and to get the grand total issued to be paid.

Specific Types