PayPal Invoice Template | How to Write

A PayPal invoice may be written by using the individual or company’s email in order to request funds that may be debited from their account or through the use of an eCheck or credit/debit card. In order to send a PayPal invoice, the sender must have have an account, but all the recipient needs is an email account and a way to pay electronically.

How to Write

Step 1 – Go to This WebPage and login to your PayPal Account.


Step 2 – At the top, customize the invoice with your company’s logo and enter your company’s contact information below.

Step 3 – Bill To – Enter the email address of the client here. To the right, enter the invoice number, invoice date, payment terms, and payment due date.

Step 4 – Description – Write a separate description for each type of service you provided, and then enter the quantity and unit price of each to get the amount due.

Step 5 – Total – The amount column will add to give you a subtotal. Add any applicable taxes or shipping charges to this to get the final total the client owes.

Step 6 – Preview your invoice to review it for accuracy. Then simply click “Send Invoice” at the top when you’re ready to bill the client. You can also print the invoice or edit it if needed. The client will be able to pay directly from their email account with just one click.