Real Estate Brokerage Commission Invoice Template

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Download the real estate brokerage commission invoice template to request commission payment for a real estate broker for finalizing the sale of a home. You can enter a specific commission rate percentage to figure out how much the broker should receive based on the sale price, and you can specify whether the broker worked on behalf of the buyer or the seller.

How to Make in Adobe PDF and Microsoft Word

Step 1 – Download in Adobe PDF (.pdf) or Microsoft Word (.doc).

Step 2 – At the top, enter the company name, the agent/broker’s name, and the address and contact information for the company.

Step 3 – Bill To – List the personal information of the person or company that owes the broker a commission, which will usually be the buyer or seller of the property, and include the number and date of the invoice.

Step 4 – Table – For each property involved in the transaction, enter the address in a separate row. Then include the commission rate agreed to for that property and the sale price to the right to arrive at the total amount due to the broker. Add the figures in the subtotal column to get the subtotal, and add any other fees or taxes to reach the grand total the broker is owed.

Step 5 – Include the name to make checks payable to at the bottom if needed.

How to Make in Microsoft Excel

Step 1 – Download in Microsoft Excel (.xls).

Step 2 – Property Address – Enter the address of the sold property at the top. Then specify whether the broker represented the buyer, seller, or both, and whether this was a company-generated lead, and whether there was a co-broker.

Step 3 РSelling Terms and Info РSelect the type of payment, the office information, and list the selling date, total sale price, and commission percentage to the right.

Step 4 – Total Commission – Enter the total commission received from the sale, then enter the amount removed for referrals, marketing fees, and so on, to reach the net commission that the broker will receive. Write the agent’s name and company to the right.

Step 5 – For Future Marketing Purposes – Fill in the buyer and seller’s contact information here to retain it for marketing other deals in the future. At the bottom, list the agent’s name and office location, as well as the survey provider and termite inspector number.