Repair (Maintenance) Invoice Templates

The repair invoice templates are for any type of service where an improvement is made on a product or property. The maintenance includes service hours ($/hr) and, if applicable, the cost of materials needed to fix the problem. A retainer is sometimes given by the client at the beginning of the service with the full balance due when the repair is complete.

Invoice Types

Handyman Invoice Template

Download the handyman invoice template that allows a maintenance person to formally request payment for any type of residential or commercial repair. A handyman is commonly known as a “jack of all trades” which means that they have skills in

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Home Repair Invoice Template

The home repair invoice is issued by a handyman that fixes any common maintenance within a residence such as wiring, leaks, or any issue that needs to be serviced. When conducting a repair, service providers will usually quote their clients

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HVAC Repair Service Invoice Template

Download the HVAC invoice template to bill customers for any HVAC repairs or services provided, for heating or cooling systems including furnaces, thermostat maintenance, and more. Describe each service performed and record all parts used to create an accurate bill,

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Property Maintenance Invoice Template

The property maintenance invoice is a document that can be used to charge a client for any type of property maintenance. Property maintenance can include painting, drywalling, floor work, plumbing, and mechanical repairs. Contractors and concierges will either charge their

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