Sales Invoice Templates


The sales invoice templates are for any type of retail or private sale that involves property transferring from a seller to a buyer for payment or trade. The invoice lets the buyer know the amount of payment due, the due date for payment, proper payment method, and any other instructions needed to complete the payment. Sellers and buyers should keep copies of the invoice to record the goods shipped and received, and to complete their accounting records.

Invoice Types

Bill of Sale Invoice Template

The bill of sale invoice is a document requesting payment attached to a bill of sale, which legally transfers ownership of goods from a seller to a buyer. A bill of sale is a legal form signed by the two

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Car Sales Invoice Template

The car sales invoice may be used to collect payment on any vehicle that was purchased at a dealership or private party. The document will display the cost of the car, as well as any additional charges and add-ons which

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Computer Sales Invoice Template

The computer sales invoice is delivered from a seller to a buyer to demand financial compensation for a computer. The invoice template provides ample space for the inclusion of any accessories which may come with the computer such as cases, mice,

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Real Estate Brokerage Commission Invoice Template

Download the real estate brokerage commission invoice template to request commission payment for a real estate broker for finalizing the sale or lease of real estate. The invoice should reflect the same commission rate (%) that was agreed upon between

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Retail (Shop) Sales Invoice Template

The retail sales invoice is for any traditional shop that sells merchandise or products to the general public. The invoice will contain an itemized list of the number of items that were purchased by a customer along with their sales

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Sales Commission Invoice Template

The sales commission invoice is for any individual that is billing another party for a percentage of sales that is owed to them. A commission is commonly collected by real estate agents, although it can apply to any sales position

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Sales Tax Invoice Template

The sales tax invoice is a common invoice used for requesting payment for any transaction between a buyer and seller that includes the amount of sales tax charged to the buyer. Regardless of the type of product(s), the seller will

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