Carpet Cleaning Service Invoice Template


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Download the carpet cleaning service invoice template after providing a service of cleaning the rugs of a home or business location. The carpets may either be in a fixed position in the residence or office location or brought to an on-site location where the rugs are cleaned. An estimate of the amount is usually given to the customer with an amount asked for upfront.

How to Make in Adobe PDF and Word (.doc)

Step 1 – Download in Adobe PDF (.pdf) or Microsoft Word (.doc).

Step 2 – Header – In the upper-right hand corner the date of invoice and the invoice number (#) should be entered. Afterwards the company’s information and the customer’s details should be entered with their Name, Address, City, State, Zip Code, Fax Number, and E-Mail.

Step 3 – Job Details – Salesperson’s Name, Job Details, Payment Terms, and the Due Date.

Step 4 – Rug/Carpet Details – Enter the Number (#) of Rugs, Description, Unit Price, and Line Total. Calculate and enter the Sub-Total, Sales Tax (if any), and the Total. Enter the party the customer should make the check payable and the invoice should be sent.

How to Make in Excel

Step 1 – Download in Microsoft Excel (.xls).

Step 2 – Header – In the upper-left portion of the template enter the Company’s: logo, name, street address, city, state, zip code, and telephone number. In the upper-right portion enter the invoice number and invoice date.

Step 3 – Services and Billing – Enter the services (description of carpets/rugs cleaned or to be cleaned) and the billing party with their name and address.

Step 4 – Calculations – Enter the date, description, hours, rate (usually per hour), and the line total. Calculate the Sub-Total (Gross Amount), Tax Rate, Other Fees, and the Grand Total. Enter the Total Balance Due to the Customer and write Contact Information for any questions they may have.

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