Work Order Invoice Template

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Download the work order invoice template to request payment for a variety of work order types. Use it to charge clients for writing services, manual labor, technical work, and more. These forms let you detail the services and goods involved to provide clearer, more complete financial records.

How to Make in Adobe PDF and Microsoft Word

Step 1 – Download in Adobe PDF (.pdf) or Microsoft Word (.doc).

Step 2 – The party preparing the invoice completes the information at the top, including name, email, phone, and so forth. Describe the work completed with enough detail so each party can understand, and indicate who’s receiving the invoice.

Step 3 – If applicable, on the left indicate the actual time worked on the project and the dates. In the materials used table, indicate the quantity and price of each item used in the work, and calculate the total due for the materials. Show the finished products the client ordered in the materials ordered field, and total their amount as well.

Step 4 – Total – At the bottom, calculate the total for labor, and add the total of the materials used and finished products to arrive at the grand total the client owes.

How to Make in Microsoft Excel

Step 1 – Download in Microsoft Excel (.xls).

Step 2 – Enter your company’s name and contact details at the top. Then describe the work performed, including work type, location, amount of items, and related information.

Step 3 – Below, fill in the address of the company or person being billed, and the address where the invoice is arriving.

Step 4 – Table – Fill in the quantity and description for each good in the work order as well as the unit price to arrive at the total for each type of good. The amount column added together gives you the subtotal, and then add any shipping or tax rates to reach the grand total due.

Step 5 – At the bottom, indicate where to make checks payable to, and any other special payment instructions.