Artist Invoice Template

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Download an artist invoice template that allows a painter, musician,  photographer, or any type of individual selling products to be paid at a later time. This is typical for orders such as frames with artwork that take time and when the item is delivered to the customer it should be paid by the due date requested or as soon as possible.

How to Write (Word and PDF)

Step 1 – In the header the invoice enter the Invoice Number and Date.



Step 2 – Enter the Artist Details and the Party the invoice is being sent including the Name, Address, and Telephone Number.



Step 3 – Enter the quantity (number of items sold), description, and the unit price. Calculate the total amount and multiply by the sales tax percentage (%), if any. This final number shall represent the total amount receivable by the requested customer.

In the bottom area write to whom the check should be payable to and sent the invoice in either standard mail, fax, or through e-mail.

How to Write (MS Excel)

Step 1 – In the header area enter the Title (usually the name of the artist or the product purchased), and the buyer’s and seller’s information including: Address, City, State, Zip Code, and Telephone Number.

In the upper-right hand corner of he page enter the date (should automatically fill), and the invoice number (#).



Step 2 – Enter the details of the item purchased, payment terms, due date, and the lead time.



Step 3 – On the calculations area enter the ID Number (#), Description, Hours, Rate, and the Amount. Calculate the Sub-Total and multiply by the Sales Tax (if any). Afterwards the Total will appear automatically and the invoice may be printed and sent to the recipient.