Billing Invoice Template

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Download a billing invoice template to request an amount of money from another individual or business entity. Often referred to as a ‘receivable’ the form is sent to the billing party via e-mail, standard mail, or fax, and is usually requested to be paid within thirty (30) days. The form is to be signed by the appropriate person┬áto authorized the validity of the billing/balance.

How to Write in Microsoft Word/Adobe PDF

Step 1 – Download in Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word (.doc).

Step 2 – The Parties – Enter the Company’s Name along with it’s Address, Telephone, Fax, and Email. In addition enter the Customer/Client’s Name, Address, Telephone, Fax, and Email.

Step 3 – Billing – Enter the item or service: Unit Number (#), Product ID, Description, $/Unit or $/Hours (Labor), and the Total Price. On the bottom calculate the subtotal and figure the total balance.

Step 4 – Terms and Conditions – Write the terms and conditions such as who the checks must be made payable to and when the invoice/payment is due (usually thirty (30) days from the date of creation).

How to Make a Billing Invoice Template in Excel

Step 1 – Download in Microsoft Excel (.xls).

Step 2 – Header-Left – Enter the Company Name along with the Street Address, City, State, Zip Code and Telephone Number.

Step 3 – Header-Right – Invoice Number (#), Date of Receipt, Customer ID Number (#), and the Term(s) (Usually thirty (30) days).

Step 4 – Billing Party – Enter the Name, Company, Street Address, City, State, Zip Code, Telephone Number, and the Email Address.

Step 5 – Shipping Information – Enter the Name, Company Name, Street Address, City, State, and Zip Code of where the item will be shipped via standard mail.

Step 6 – Calculations – Enter the description of the item/service along with the quantity, unit price ($/unit), and the total amount. Calculate the Subtotal along with any taxes to get the Final Due Amount.

Step 7 – Footer – Enter the Contact Information if the customer/client should have any questions about the bill.