Billing Invoice Template


The billing invoice is sent as a receivable that requests payment commonly made immediately or on a monthly basis. If the invoice is in a subscription format, payments will be sent in a billing type with thirty (30), sixty (60) or ninety (90) days to pay before late fees or the bill is transferred to a collections agency.

Invoice Types

Hotel Invoice Template

Download the hotel invoice template to bill a guest for staying or sharing a room along with any other amenities or fees. In most accommodations, there are add-ons available to the guest, including but limited to, mini-bar drinks and snacks,

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Hourly Billing Invoice Template

The hourly billing invoice is a written account of hourly charges provided by an individual or company and supplied to their client. After having completed a service for their customer, the individual/company will calculate how many hours they worked, what

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Law Firm Billing Invoice

The law firm billing invoice, or legal invoice, is a statement detailing the legal fees charged by a lawyer or law firm. A lawyer may be hired for a number of reasons, so they must provide their client with a

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Self-Billing Invoice Template

The self-billing invoice is a method of billing whereby the customer provides the invoice to the supplier, antithetical to the usual procedure. Whereas a company typically sends an invoice requesting payment to a customer, the customer will create a self-billing

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Water Bill Invoice Template

The water bill invoice is provided by a company that supplies water on a residential and/or commercial basis. A customer that receives their water supply from such a company will receive a water bill invoice complete with the charges for

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