Notary Public Invoice Template


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The notary public invoice is for any services that have been performed on behalf of an individual or business by a notarial officer. It is a notary’s job to ensure that all signatures are valid on a legal document and that no one is signing against their will. A small fee will be charged for their services, often on a “per-signature” basis. The invoice template can be used to describe the act provided by the notary (acknowledgment, jurats, etc.) and the cost of notarizing each signature. The total amount of the transaction will be detailed at the bottom of the document.

Notary Acknowledgment Forms By State

The following notary acknowledgment forms may be used by an individual when having a document notarized (for individuals only). The individual(s) signing the original document will be required to show valid identification (usually a piece of government-issued ID) in order for the notary to complete the notary acknowledgment form.

Alabama§ 35-4-29
 AlaskaAS 09.63.100
 Arizona§ 33-506
Arkansas§ 16-47-107
California§ 1189
Colorado§ 24-21-516
Connecticut§ 6-1-34
Delaware§ 4328
Florida§ 695.25
Georgia§ 45-17-8
Hawaii§ 502-41
Idaho§ 51-116
Illinois5 ILCS 312 § 6-105
Indiana§ 33-42
Iowa§ 9B.16
Kansas§ 53-509
Kentucky§ 423.160
Louisiana§ 35-511
Maine§ 1016
MarylandGSG § 19-107
Massachusetts222 § 15
Michigan§ 55.287
Minnesota§ 358.66
Mississippi§ 89-3-7
Missouri§ 486.330
Nebraska§ 64-206
Nevada§ 240-166
New Hampshire§ 456-B:8
New Jersey§ 46:14-2.1
New Mexico§ 14-14-8
New York§ 309-A
North Carolina§ 10B-41
North Dakota§ 44-06.1-19
Ohio§ 147.55
Oklahoma§ 49-119
Oregon§ 194.285
Pennsylvania§ 316
Rhode Island§ 42-30.1
South Carolina§ 26-3-70
South Dakota§ 18-5-8
Tennessee§ 66-22-107
Texas§ 121.008
Utah§ 52-2a-7
Vermont§ 5368
VirginiaTitle 47.1
Washington§ 42.45.140
West Virginia§ 39-4-16
Wisconsin§ 140.16
Wyoming§ 34-26-108

Verify a Notary By State

Use the following links to verify the validity and status of a notary in the State where the document is being signed.

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